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Serving the Gulf Coast Communities of N.W. Florida

Informed home owners are selecting VIDEO TOURS to help sell their property
They know over 80% of current home buyers shop the Internet first.
Join us to put ACTION into your home tours.

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Seaside Cottage #8 (click to play)

39 Sailfish St. Seacrest, FL (click to play)

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2607 Grand Sandestin
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3501 Lasata Sandestin  (click to play)
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553 Observation Point Sandestin 
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Plantation of Santa Rosa 60 second spot
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Plantation of Santa Rosa (click to play)

2506 Bay Grove Road Freeport Fl



These days, real estate is more challenging than ever.  Realtors need to stay ahead of their competition.  Let us help your real estate business STAND OUT!

Saves precious time and effort.  Stop driving everywhere with you buyer, and stop calling busy sellers for rounds of showings, waiting for them to tidy up and "disappear" over and over again.  We meet you at the property with our small, unobtrusive crew and video equipment, taking careful selected shots of the interior and exterior of the property.  Shooting is complete in as little as an hour (depending on the features of the property). When you've "shown" the seller's property using your "By Appointment Only" video brochure, be sure to let the seller know -- they'll thank you for it!

Shows the property always in its best light.  We film while the property is "Open House" clean.  We show the best assets of the property utilizing our special, sophisticated presentation method, which we call "By Appointment Only."  The glowing narration tells the story of the property, from its basic features to its extra-special touches.  Details such as live video of the local area accentuate the property's appeal and emphasize an excellent location.  Even you'll wonder if the seller is rich and famous!

One-on-one without the hassle.  Video images deliver superior quality and large, clear images. PLUS: there's nothing like being able to sit with your buyer and talk about their desires and preferences while they watch your exciting, tasteful, full-motion "By Appointment Only" video brochures.

They're fun to watch! Beautiful images, great music, text and narration makes these video interesting and easy on the eye.  Make some popcorn!